What is church like?

Church is pretty normal, though there will be things you might find a bit strange on first visit. Most things are done up the front by the minister or a member of the church.

We sing - praises to God. We pray. The Bible is read and someone preaches a sermon for 20 minutes or so. And we hear about stuff going on in church. 


do i have to pay to come?

No! While our church does what it does entirely through the money collected from church members, we don't want visitors to feel that this is their concern at all. 




what should i wear? 

In keeping with our pretty casual feel at church, we don't really put on any 'Sunday bests'. Men wouldn't usually wear ties. Ladies dress comfortably. But feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable!


do i have to be religious to come to church?

No way! In fact if you have questions about God or are unsure if he even exists, Church is a great place to be. People will gladly listen to your questions and are happy to try and answer them